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TIDFORE Heavy Equipment Group Co., Ltd. is an innovative enterprise group, providing integrated engineering services. The group is driven by our mission to “share modern industrial civilization globally” and committed to “establishing global leadership in engineering services”. Upholding the core philosophy of “innovating the future”, TIDFORE holds true to its corporate values of “innovation, speed, coordination and passion”.

TIDFORE specializes in industrial engineering system design, construction & installation, equipment manufacturing, operation management, investment & financing service in fields including ocean engineering, port, water transportation, electric power, metallurgy, cement, mining and more. The Group is also engaged in industrial planning, facilities construction, securing investment, operation management and industrial financial services, for domestic and overseas industrial projects. A complete and integrated service is available for potential clients, covering the whole industrial chain and full life-cycle of projects.

Tidfore has more than 20 subsidiaries like Tidfore Heavy Industry (Jiuhua), Tidfore Heavy Industry (Shayang), Tidfore Oceanic Engineering Equipment (Tianjin), Tidfore East China Heavy Industry (Bengbu), Tidfore Overseas, Tidfore Engineering, Tidfore Construction, Tidfore China Integrity Oceaneering, and Tidfore Intelligent Technology , and has set up technical research and development center in Australia, Italy, and the Netherlands. TIDFORE’s activities cover seven business sectors (design, manufacturing, construction, operation, financing, trade, and overseas development).The Group has witnessed a significant improvement in its sustainable development capacity, along with a steadily growing global presence.

Since its foundation, TIDFORE has been maintaining an annual growth rate of over 50% in its production value.