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Africa Sierra Leone Terminal Renovation & Extension Project

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On 3rd Dec. 2015, the China & Africa Cooperation Forum & the Sixth ministerial conference was held in South Africa. 50 Africa member state presidents, government leaders & representatives together with the African Union Committee leaders attended the meeting, to cooperate with the signing ceremony of the Sierra Leone terminal renovation & extension project in Tidfore.

In the meeting, the representatives of Chinese and African governments signed 22 items of cooperating agreements, which involve multi-industries like infrastructure, chemical industry and finance. This project is an important achievement of our company in the infrastructure construction planned by both Chinese & African government, which is with a total sales amount of 0.708 billion dollars

In the year 2015, Tidfore keeps transforming from manufacture to manufacturing service provider, gaining many international orders, including Brazil SYNERGY group ship factory technical renovation EPC project and African Sierra Leone Freetown Port Elizabeth renovation and extension project, Indian Haldia terminal  infrastructure construction project, with a total sales amount of 2.01 billion dollars.