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Tianjin Harbor Industrial Park

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Seated in Tianjin Harbor Industrial Zone, Tidfore Tianjin Industrial Park covers an area of 1.45 million㎡, with a coastline of 1,500m. It serves as a manufacturing base of port equipment and offshore engineering equipment, with a total investment of 7.5 billion RMB. It is set to be established as a national model plant of the Made in China 2025 initiative, showcasing the integration of intelligent manufacturing, digitization and Internet of Things technology. 

Tidfore plans to establish a research and development center in Milan which will be characterized by technical teams of the world highest caliber, state-of-the-art technology and workmanship, and adhering to the strictest European technical standards. With the support of this center, Featuring over 1,200 sets of brand-new intelligent-manufacturing equipment and testing equipment, Tidfore Tianjin Harbor Industrial Park represents a globally competitive one-stop service center to the port and offshore engineering industries.


Total floor area of the workshop at Tianjin Harbor Industrial Park is 520,000㎡, including a 400,000㎡ assembling and exhibition area which features offshore engineering equipment and port equipment. The industrial park consists of newly-built intelligent-manufacturing workshop, commissioning yard, shore pier, offices, scientific research building, canteen and auxiliary rooms.