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  • Bulk Material Handling System

    Bulk Material Handling System

    With Tidfore’s business model of a general contracting system, we supply professional, individually-tailored solutions for users based on the advantages of our advances in technical R&D, manufacture and project management. Tidfore provides all services ranging from initial design, through material procurement, manufacture and commissioning, to after-sales service.
  • Port & Waterway Engineering System

    Port & Waterway Engineering System

    Tidfore’s port handling systems include specialized bulk cargo terminals, container terminals, general cargo terminals, etc. Our project design and consultation services include general contracting; design; R&D; manufacture; construction; project management; final acceptance; and operation management of all aspects of port construction engineering.
  • Offshore Engineering System

    Offshore Engineering System

    Tidfore group has kept on researching and developing maritime engineering equipment for many years, with our outstanding engineering and manufacturing ability, together with the integration of social resources, we have supplied with clients maritime engineering equipment like customized sea lightering platform, floating crane, wind power installing ship, dredge boat and gas platform, as their actual need, financial leasing proposals can also be supplied.